Mother Amalia Ugolini

Born: 1811
Mother General: 1858-1865
Died: 1895

Mother Amalia was born in Rimini of a well-known and Christian family in February, 1811, and died in Sogliano on April 2, 1895, after 52 years of religious life.

From her youth, she had the grace to understand the emptiness and darkness of the human life which can exist if there isn’t a light that comes down from heaven and enters the soul to bring virtues. From her youth, she strengthened the mark of the spirit and found God in the prompt answer to the call.

She entered the conservatory in Coriano as a novice; she lived an exemplary life and was very austere with herself as a religious. She was observant of our Rule of Life and was very demanding of herself and others; she made sure that the sisters entrusted to her would do the same.

She was a person of faith and tender devotion and had an ardent desire and zeal for the good of souls and for the progress of the Congregation which she led from 1859-1856.  Called by Divine Will to succeed Blessed Mother Foundress, Mother Amalia led the Congregation with patience, energy, and vitaliy. Often Mother would exhort the Sisters saying, “We must become saints and fast. The resolutions are not enough; the desires are not enough; we need actions.”

God has to be served for Himself, without expecting any recmpense at all. Silence and total obedience; to die with Jesus on the Cross - to accept His will in total absolute silence if we want Him to live in us.
Mother Amalia
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