Mother Teresa Castellari

Born: 1848
Mother General: 1807-1913
Died: 1917

Mother Teresa was born in the beautiful town of Faenza on June 7, 1848 and was baptized the following day. She was the forth child of five. Her father, Michele, was a man of strong faith and generous heart; her mother Domenica Gattarelli, was a woman of courage and took care of the family with love and devotion.

She manifested a great devotion to the Blessed Mother, and she learned from a very young age to love the rosary which she treasured all her life, also on her death bed. Wherever she went she carried the rosary with much devotion. “At the sound of the Church bell tolling for the Angelus, she would be the first to kneel for prayer in a calm-silent atmosphere which she enjoyed so much.

Mother Teresa supported and encouraged all the apostolic activities began by Mother  Elisabetta Renzi.  Their unity formed an example of harmony, of knowledge, and people saw in them privileged hearts, fine education not common, with a mind ready to grasp every ray of light for the progress of their Institute. Their hearts were always ready to give of themselves for glory of God and  the good of others.

In times of prosperity as well as in times of conflicts, they remained united and solid fought the problems with such love that their work would blossom in spite of the contradictions. The rare happy events would not make them selfish, but gave them more grace and power to expand the Congregation’s apostolic activities.

My daughters, the exact observance of the rules will make you radiant likfe the sun, and because of this, the Institute will be surrounded with a halo like the saints. Obedience will make you servants of God.
Mother Teresa Castellari
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