Mother Giuseppina Renzi

Born: 1837
Mother General: 1872-1907
Died: 1907

Mother Giuseppina was born in Mondaino on March 17, 1837. Mondaino is situated 35 kilometers from Rimini.  Her paternal aunt was Maria Elisabetta Renzi, Superior General and Foundress of the Congregation in Coriano.

From the very beginning of her life, Giuseppina was the joy of her parents. They instilled in her the first germs of faith and of Christianity with much love and attention.  At a very young age, she gave signs of uncommon intelligence, goodness of heart and of great disposition.

On September 27, 1872, she was elected Superior General of the Congregations of the Sisters of Our Lady of Sorrows. During Mother time as Mother General, she gave herself totally and adapted herself to everyone, forgetting self to better serve her sisters, to lead them to the Lord, and guide the spread of the Congregation.  She founded three communities because she strongly believed that the apostolate is a mission for the good of souls with the purpose to bring them to God, to solid virtue, and to eternal happiness. Giuseppina’s zeal and her extraordinary love for the people was very evident. Mother guided the community with great faith as new foundation of communities were opened.

On October 28, 1896, the gentle Mother, strong, in that emotional function, assisted the exhumation of the bones of her beloved Aunt, she took the remains and placed them in a nice prepared marble urn……and that urn, that monument, is there at the right side of the chapel in the Mother House in Coriano.

My daughters, I invite you to become perfect in the eyes of God through the fulfillment of your responsibilities, and most of all, I recommend the exact observance of the Holy Rules. The observance of the rules is in the hands of the superior and on this observance depends the future of our Institute.
Mother Giuseppina
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