Congregation Devotions

Popular devotions are those external practices of piety where the faith of the people finds life and expression. They are the means by which we permeate everyday life with prayer. Historically, the most popular devotions in the Church developed from some particular practice of religious orders or from the example of pious persons who were venerated for their holiness.

Our Foundress Blessed Elisabetta Renzi placed the Congregation under the special patronage of Our Lady of Sorrows. As Sisters of Our Lady of Sorrows, we have a special devotion to Our Lady of Sorrows, her maternity, her living faith, her contemplative silence, is the basis of our nourishment and spiritual growth.

One of the pillars of our spirituality is the Eucharist, which is the sustenance on the journey towards union with God. Our tells us that, “Christ is everything, and sufficient for everything and everyone.”  Mother Elisabetta spend long hours in silent adoration before the Blessed Sacrament. She understood how daily contact with the Eucharist brings a soul to a radical transformation. Because of this belief, she strongly encouraged her daughters to have a love and devotions for Christ in the Blessed Sacrament.

Saint Joseph, who was in a special way close to the Incarnate Word and to the Virgin Mary, is venerated by the Sisters as the protector of the Congregation, and their model of faith and of humble selfless service. (Constitutions of the Congregation) In addition, Saint Joseph being the patron saint of a good death, Mother Elisabetta prayed to Saint Joseph often as she contemplated her own death.

Elisabetta tells us that, “Our heart is satisfied only in the enjoyment of God and in his Sacred Heart.” Our Foundress always wanted to obtain before she died a great love for God, especially for the heart of his divine Son and the heart of Mary. She was very zealous in spreading the devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The divine heart was the principal object of her piety and love.

Mary, the Mother of Jesus, united to her Divine Son and to his work by an intimate and everlasting bond, is the model of vocation and mission. We honor her especially in her intimate relation to the Passion and Death of Christ.
Constitutions of the Congregation
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