Saludecio 1786-1791

Elisabetta was born in Saludecio on November 19, 1786. Her parents were Giambattista Renzi and Countess Vittoria Boni from Urbino. From their union, seven children were born: the first four were born in Saludecio, and the other three were born in Mondaino where the family has moved to in 1791. Maria Elisabetta was the second of the children after her older brother Giancarlo. She was named after her paternal grandmother and her maternal aunt, both deceased by the time Elisabetta was born.

The day following her birth, she was baptized in the parish Church of St. Blase. Her baptism is recorded in the parish registry and it remains there today in the church’s archives. Her native home, today belongs to someone else, is on the main street of Saludecio, Via Roma, and it is marked with a commemorative plaque of Elisabetta.

The village of Saludecio, remains for the Sisters of Our Lady Sorrows a true “cradle of their soul” to which we return again and again to re-discover and revitalize our religious roots.

We progress towards God every day, and we may advance the most on days when we are least aware of it.
Blessed Elisabetta Renzi
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