Prayer Life

Prayer is at the heart of our community and of our mission. The Sister of Our Lady of Sorrows knows that it is only through union with God that her consecration becomes effective, her faith is strengthened, and Christ is able to speak within her. Living in a spirit of prayer enables us to live in the constant search for and the faithful accomplishment of God’s will, his service, and his glory.

The sisters are called to be women shaped by the Eucharist and the Word. We nourish our spirit of prayer with participation in daily Mass, Eucharistic adoration, reciting the Divine Office in common, daily recitation of the Rosary, and having a particular devotion to Our Lady of Sorrows, the special patron of our Congregation.

Being contemplatives in action, we dedicate one hour each day to an encounter with God in meditation. Mindful that the Divine Spouse makes his loving voice heard especially in solitude and
recollection of spirit, we also observe the practice of a monthly day of recollection and annually make a retreat for spiritual renewal.

Since “Jesus Crucified must be the life of our soul,” we meditate often on the passion and death of Jesus Christ, and every Friday we honor this profound mystery with the exercise of the Way of the Cross. Also, on each Saturday of the month, we meditate on the sorrows of our Lady who was intimately associated with the Passion of her Divine Son.” (Constitutions of the Congregation)

In addition to communal prayer, fidelity to personal prayer is vital for kindling the fire of divine love and progressing in virtue.  For the Sister of Our Lady of Sorrows, prayer is a conversation with God, revealing all our needs to Him, and asking graces from Him just as a child would ask his father.

Prayer leads us to remain in the presence of God throughout the day, inspiring us to love Jesus Christ and seek union with Him, so that we may, in turn, serve him in our brothers and sisters.


I would like for all my being to be silent and for everything in me to adore Him, to thus penetrate ever more deeply into Him and to be filled with Him. Oh, that I may remain always in the great presence of God. Dearest Father, I have a great desire to do good and to pray constantly, in the house of God, for the glory of God, or rather, for the greater glory of God. It is gratifying to give everything to the One who is everything.
Blessed Elisabetta Renzi
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