Meet The Sisters

I delight in the thought that I have left everything for God.  It is gratifying to give everything when you love! And  love Him, my God, so much that He is determined to have me all for Himself. It seems to me that I could do no less than to spend myself and be consumed to give back to Him a little bit of what He has given to me. (Blessed Elisabetta Renzi)

Sr. Nina Vincent

Sr. Mavis Champagne

Sr. Johnnette Brocato

Sr. Mary Coleman

Oh, how blessed is the beautiful life of the sisters, the religious who have long struggled for perfection, who have overcome self-love, who have acquired the habit of modification, who repose peacefully in the love of the divine Word, in whose heart Jesus rests. I thank the Lord for having chosen me for this life. (Blessed Elisabetta Renzi)

I have a vocation to the state of perfection …the resolution has been made…God will provide for making it effective. I thank the Lord for having chosen me for this life. I want to preserve in the vocation that the Lord has given me, in spite any obstacles that oppose me.
Blessed Elisabetta Renzi
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