Mother Luigia Fulvi

Born: 1855
Mother General: 1913-1919
Died: 1933

Mother Luigia Fulvi was born in Mombaroccio on April 1861, died in Rimini on December 18, 1942, after 54 years of religious life.

Mother Fulvi gave much importance to the Christian formation of the students and of the youth of the town. She lead several catholic organizations among which the “Society of the Working Women”.

In the General Chapter of 1919 she was elected Superior General of the Congregation.

The end of the First World War, the earth quake of 1916 which destroyed much of Rimini, the revolution of the after war with all the serious-painful consequences had demoralized the sisters in the Mother House because they were experiencing miserable financial conditions for the constant repairing of the facilities. Mother Luigia Fulvi, gifted with energetic, ardent personality tried to lift up the moral of those who were discouraged; she asked Pope Benedict XV some assistance to pay the most urgent debts. She prioritized all the financial agreements and situations in order to build up a common fund.

In the following General Chapter, of 1925, she remained in the government of the Congregation in the capacity of Vicar to the Superior General, Mother Elisabetta Vanni, to continue the growth of the Institute which she loved so deeply.







Without war there is no victory … I wish you a successful battle and unconquerable courage until death, so that in heaven you may place the crowns you have earned at the feet of Jesus.
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