Congregation Emblem

The emblem of the Congregation of the Sisters of Our Lady of Sorrows consists of the heart of Our Lady of Sorrows, surrounded by lilies and thorns, with the motto: ardere et lucere.

For the Sisters of Our Lady of Sorrows, the emblem is the dearest and most precious symbol of the Congregation: it is the heart of Mary, pierced by the sword of sorrow.

The lilies that surround it symbolize the specific goal of the Congregation – it’s apostolate of educating children, the favorite flowers in the Lord’s garden. The thorns indicate that this apostolate will be fertile with goodness because it is carried out amid the thorns of daily sufferings and the hidden life of interior mortification.

The motto ardere et lucere is taken from a passage of Saint Bernard: “Tantum adere est parum, tantum lucere vanum est. Ardere et lucere est perfectum.” This means: “Contemplateion life alone is not enough; active life alone is vain. Mixed life – contemplative and active together – is perfect.”

I believe that what I have done, I have done for the glory of God. Only for the glory of God did I begin the work of the Congregation.
Blessed Elisabetta Renzi
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