The Sacrifice of Mass

The Eucharist stands at the center of the Church’s life, so too is our Eucharistic Lord the center of our community life. For each Sister of Our Lady of Sorrows and is truly the source and summit of our daily life. We are drawn by the Eucharist to contemplate and enter more and more into the Paschal Mystery pf our Lord. The Mass which we take part in daily, gives us the grace to unite ourselves to Christ, who laid down His life us.

The Eucharist is a gift in which Christ gives Himself to us and gives us the grace to live our lives as gift. The sacrifice of Mass reminds us of the suffering of Christ and helps us to accept our suffering and to offer them up together with the sufferings of Christ on Calvary. We come to realize the redemptive value of suffering in our own lives and the lives of others. But we are also reminded by our foundress that ” Alleluia dwells beyond Calvary.”

Mother Elisabetta was a Eucharistic woman. It was the love of the Eucharistic Jesus that characterized and inflamed her piety. She used to say of receiving Jesus at Mass, “I carry the One who carries me. When a soul has worthily received the sacrament of the Eucharist, it swims in love; it is humble, sweetly mortified, charitable and modest, harmonious with all; it is a soul that is capable of greater sacrifices.” With Elisabetta as our example, we too, make the Eucharist the source of our life and mission.



The Sacrament of Charity, the Holy Eucharist is the gift that Jesus Christ makes of himself, thus revealing to us God's infinite love for every man and woman. This wondrous sacrament makes manifest the 'greater' love which led him to 'lay down his life for his friends'
Pope Benedict XVI
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