Social Services

We believe that every person has a right to life, love, security, and happiness. Our Foundress, Blessed Elisabetta Renzi, had a special love special love for the young in difficulties, the abandoned, and the handicapped. She was committed to giving each person an opportunity to develop to his or her potential. Elisabetta was dedicated to these least ones with a great sense of responsibility and love.

The Sisters of Our Lady of Sorrows hold a special place for individuals with developmental disabilities in their hearts. “We offer our active, silent and solicitous presence, because human suffering grafted onto that of Christ, is transformed into redemption and into Christian hope in the future happiness, for which this life prepares us.”

Our mission is to love the unique gift of life made in the image and likeness of God andentrusted to us. Inspired by the example of our Mother Foundress, we desire to pour out all of our gifts in this apostolate because “God is to be served in all.”

We carry out this mission in the Church with the hope of helping those who are weak, powerless, and suffering to experience the love of God who has loved us all to the point of offering His life on the cross.

In imitation of our Foundress, we should give our help and assistance by preference to the most needy social groups and in areas that are most impoverished. Since charity embraces every place and every category of person, and the spiritually and economically poor are everywhere, we exclude no one from our solicitude because God is to be served in all.
Constitutions of the Congregation
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