Mother Maria Zaccagni

Born: 1825
Mother General: 1865-1872
Died: 1896

Mother Maria was born in Coriano on March 21,1825 and died there on November 16,1896 after 50 years of religious life.

Mother shined with many virtues. The rays of goodness shone more and more as she advanced in age. She abandoned herself to God’s hands as the chisel in the hands of the artist. During her government, she showed virtues of faith, hope, charity practiced in the heroic manner while being led by the luminous virtues of prudence, temperance and fortitude. As a gem of great price in the midst of all her good qualities was her precious humility.

Even as Superior General, she was the servant of God’s servants. Mother  was ready to offer any sacrifice to the Sacred Heart of Jesus for the salvation of souls, mindful of the thirst He suffered on Calvary.

Extra silence was observed when Mother Maria was in need of special favors for the congregation! When it seemed that her nest in Coriano was at risk due to the fury against the Church and the religious congregations, she would say with courage and hope and strength, “Let’s elevate our pleading hands to the Great Lord. God is with us. Let’s take shelter in His Heart, the invincible Ark.”


Let's start all over again doing good, as we do when we start a new line. In the course of our life, day after day, don't we return to yesterday's work? Take courage; God wants us holy; that is it.
Mother Maria
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