Devotion to St. Joseph

“To be more attentive to others than to oneself is a characteristic of good people, it is a mark of the saints!” stated Sister Caterina Giovannini speaking of Mother Elisabetta Renzi. That is certainly what Saint Joseph did in his life being the protector and the provider for the Holy Family in Nazareth. Not much is said about him in the Gospels, but we can be certain that Mary and Jesus loved him very much, obeyed him, and reverenced him.

Our Foundress, Blessed Elisabetta Renzi, had a special devotion to Saint Joseph, the husband of Mary. He had the privilege of living with Jesus and Mary and fulfilled his mission with love and devotion. For Mother Elisabetta,  Joseph was the model of obedience in all the many difficult situations of life and of complete faithfulness to God. Through it all, he maintained an unwavering faith in the promise of God and never questioned God’s will.

Mother Elisabetta prayed often to Saint Joseph, not only to be near her at the time of her death, but also to help her remain faithful to God and to maintain a pure heart. She instilled the devotion to him in her companions and students, asking that he be honored in a special way on his feast day. She would pray: “O holy and glorious patriarch Saint Joseph, you had the most beautiful of deaths. Obtain for me the grace to die with you in the arms of Jesus and Mary.”

Saint Joseph, who was in a special way close to the Incarnate Word and to the Virgin Mary, is venerated by the Sisters as the protector of the Congregation, and their model of faith and of humble selfless service.
Constitutions of the Congregation
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