Our Heritage

God gave Mother Elisabetta a very important duty: that of being his faithful witness, to be that small seed that , thrown on the ground, will die and bring forth fruit.

She lived our her mission on as “doing something, departing for far away lands, or doing heroic actions in the eyes of men” ; she was an instrument in God’s hand, she let Him guide her, and she was attentive to the real needs of the place where God called her to work. God and God’s glory we her only means and strength for her apostolic work.

Following in the footsteps of our Mother, we entrust ourselves each day to the maternal guidance of Our Lady of Our Lady of Sorrows, our patroness, assured tha that Lord blesses our stepes in the measure in which we live our our call. As daughters of Elisabetta, rooted in Christ, crucified and risen, we continure to weave our history making the gift of God present to all.

May Mary our most sorrowful mother, virgin of fidelity and hope, contemplated by Mother Elisabetta, guide and sustain us that we continue to profess our hope in the crucified and risen Lord.

I would like for all of my being to be silent and for everything in me to adore Him, to thus penetrate every more deeply into Him and to be filled with Him, and thus, to be able to give Him to those poor souls who do not know the gift of God! Oh, that I may remain always in the great presence of God.
Blessed Elisabetta Renzi
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